Elliot, 20. My lil' slice of freedom.

Fuck everyone else, do whatever makes you happy.

Be interesting to see if they bother to repair my car or give me a new one, but $7000 worth of damage, shit.

Speed Of Sound
by Coldplay + 248 plays

get to know me meme [six/ten] tv pairings: Noah Puckerman & Quinn Fabray

"Just tell me to stay, please." "Stay."

Car crashed into. Fucking joy.

I know who my soulmate is.
I think I love you, Puck.

I’m not gonna be that guy who stops you from achieving your dreams. Don’t let me be that guy.

I didn’t believe that there was such a thing as too big, but by fuck.

A 75inch tv is too big.

Neymar is probably crying his eyes out watching Brazil get destroyed by Germany in this semifinal.

Going onto Facebook and telling the world (who don’t care) that you’re ill and not going to work is right up there with the stupidest things you can do. And fuck do you have a weak immune system.


Opening my eyes for the first time each day is definitely the hardest part.

a game of stark children not listening to their fucking mother