Elliot, 20. My lil' slice of freedom.

Fuck everyone else, do whatever makes you happy.

muse in the dunes

Okay, that was unexpected.

My next goal is to hit 25 and stop aging like In Time.

Driving a car is like riding a bicycle, you just don’t forget.

If the auto shop gets the bumper retainers today (which apparently they should) it means car back today!

Having 3 monitors at my desk makes it look like someone important and who has a lot of complicated work sits there.

Finally up to the point where I just don’t care about birthdays anymore.


Chicago Fire/P.D. Meme: 2/2 otp’s

Erin Lindsay & Kelly Severide

Character Meme: Relationship [2/3] » Kelly Severide + Erin Lindsay

Well that’s by far the biggest pay I’ve ever had.

Fuck you tax.

Well today officially goes down as the the worst this year so far.

Smart move Russia, ban food imports that help feed your people. Fucking idiots.


Dancing Groot made me so happy.

The last of us is a masterpiece of a video game, and Ellie is quite easily the most badass character I’ve played as.